Interdesign Classico Toilet Roll Stan…

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D. Morris Needed a solution for a small kid's bathroom with little storage space. Easy to change roll and monitor spare rolls. Received item in less than a week. Very satisfied.

Mom of 2 This stand is a decorative solution for keeping extra rolls of TP nearby and very sturdy. I placed it close to the toilet so our toilet training kids could reach the toilet paper easily and even with the roughness that children bestow on everything, this has never fallen over and has even encouraged the kids to change the empty roll without being reminded.

R. Weaver I ordered two of these stands and am very pleased with the quality. They are very sturdy.

Beanie I I ordered two of these stands and am very pleased with the quality. They are very sturdy.

A. Holcomb This gets 4 outta 5 stars just cause I think it'd be better if it were a bit weighted on bottom. You need to pull the paper off gently or it may tip over. However, it holds bigger-sized toilet paper rolls and that's awesome.

Happy Illinois Mom "LJB" This is a great holder it holds every size TP that is on the market. The only thing that would make it better is it needs some weight at the bottom so it will not tip over. It does not always tip just at odd times and because of I give it a 4 star instead of a 5. I am ordering another one for my second bath.

Sciren "Sciren" I purchased this recently despite what other reviewers have said about it needing extra weight since it tips over easily. I haven't had that problem at all, I could possibly see it tipping if you yanked hard on the roll maybe...but I have tried several ways to make this happen with "normal" use and force and have yet to have it tip over.

That being said, its compact and has a nice clean style perfect for those who like me don't have a T.P dispenser attached to their walls, as well as those who have family members who don't always replace the T.P you have several in waiting!

Erin Zimmerman I like this toilet roll holder. I have it in the downstairs bathroom and since there is no sink down there (besides the big laundry sink tub thing) I have a big thing of Clorox wipes also in the holder for guests that come. Fits perfect!

sheshetta "sheshetta" This toilet paper roll holder is in a sturdy chrome finish, and is looks nicer than we expected it to look. It can actually hold four rolls of toilet paper, in addition to the one being used on the top. It is functional and attractive.


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Interdesign Classico Toilet Roll Stan…

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