Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, Lar…

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TheIntrovertedReader I wish that the specs gave minimum sizes as well as maximum sizes. I ordered the large size, just thinking that I could display more books, and was disappointed when I realized that none of my books would fit. Well, coffee table books (and probably textbooks) would, but I wanted to show off my favorite novels. I've returned the shelves already, so I can't re-measure them, but the minimum depth of the books to display on the bottom would be somewhere around 6.25", not including the spine. That's not exact, but it's close. I got them returned and exchanged easily, and now I do love my small invisible shelves! They're perfect for what I wanted and allow me to display some of my favorite books without adding the bulk of a bookcase to my smallish living room. Highly recommended as long as you're aware of the size restrictions!

nerdychef Ridiculously easy to install, it's simply a metal L plate and two screws. The trick is the bottom of the L has a curve that hugs the book on the bottom of the pile so you can't even see the plate from underneath! The books just float on the wall. I fell in love the moment I put it up and promptly bought two more. I will eventually buy even more to scatter over an entire wall.Note, the item says there is a weight limit, and true, if you pile too many books it starts to sag off the wall, but even with a weight limit you can store 5-10 different sized/weighted books.An ingenious way to add storage space and look chic at the same time.

Anonymous The books are like floating on the wall , very attractive. Actually holds alot of books of diffirent sizes. I loved mine so much , I got another. Easy to hang. nicly priced. Very atractive.

Anonymous The books are like floating on the wall , very attractive. Actually holds alot of books of diffirent sizes. I loved mine so much , I got another. Easy to hang. nicly priced. Very atractive.

Alec Works perfect. However, it took me some time to find a hardcover book that was long enough to touch the hooks at the bottom. But once that was achieved, Amazing! Now, I'm online to order some of the smaller ones -- see if its less of a hassle.

Anonymous I am a stay at home mom who went back to college. I put this shelf up so that my toddler couldn't get to my textbooks. I am able to hold the whole semester of books plus my notebooks to go with them on the wall without problem. I think I am going to order another for my magazines. As long as you have a full sized book on the bottom you can stack almost anything on top. I think I am going to get a small sized one too. I can even display the books that I hope that I get time to read soon.

Anonymous I just ordered 9 (small) shelves. The large ones are great for TEXT BOOK sized items. They look so great on the wall and hold a surprising amount of books. I didn't drill into a stud, but I did use wall anchors on some if they felt unstable. Usually just using an anchor in the top hole is good enough and a regular screw in the bottom is fine. When these nine shelves fill up (won't take too long) I'll be ordering more

xxLadyHattaxx I was a little skeptical when I bought these shelves originally. They were inexpensive and... oddly simple, and I wasn't sure that they could actually do what they say. BUT THEY DO!! They're wonderful additions to any room, and I plan on buying more. It's especially good for people like me who are too low on wall space for traditional bookshelves. Make sure they're level though, or else it just doesn't look right :)

read24_7 I got one of these for my daughter who has some collectible books that she wanted to display in a special way and still have easy access to them. This shelf was a breeze to install. It looks even better than pictured - a fascinating kind of wall art and a great conversation starter. Everyone who has seen it wants one. I've decided to get a couple for myself as well!

Anonymous Clever design. Looks great, clean and sharp looking for any room!


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Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, Lar…

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