Ancient Graffiti Staked Butterfly Mobile


Updated at 12/21/2015 18:34:25 - Details

Meghann Landry The image is deceptive...the pan base shown in the picture is not included with the order. The only thing that comes with it is the central butterfly and pump! I have returned it!

Crafty person "crafty" This item is just the dripping fountain part. Because of the previous reviews I was aware of this. Not a problem for me. I made my own fountain out of a beautiful ornate pot, put the butterfly in the middle, put screening around the it and covered the inside pot area with colored glass stones. I have it on an automatic timer and open my glass doors to hear the sound of it dripping in the morning and until dark. A bonus for me is that a resident female hummingbird has taken ownership of it and comes every day or so to bathe in the water that comes out over the wings. I absolutely love the look and sound of this so much that I am going to purchase another one and make myself another pot fountain.

William A. Zelt Color Inc. "dona zelt" one lady whom purchased fountain said she was disappointed. it DID NOT SAY IT CAME WITH THE PAN BASE. i am ordering this today. i have 3 outdoor ponds and am excited about it!!!


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Ancient Graffiti Staked Butterfly Mobile

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